Having trouble remembering the last book you read?

Are you trying to remember concepts in a certain subject, but can’t connect the dots?

You are not alone.

We have a hard time remembering things because they are either uninteresting or too complex. Even if we find something cool, we still forget about it because, in reality, we are forcing our minds to retain things in a way that is alien to how our brain functions.

Here’s where Mind Mapping comes in. By mapping out your ideas, you are using your brains the way the Supreme Architect wanted them to work. Our minds work in pictures and colors, not words. 

As a result, Mind Mapping is an effective way to lay out your memories! Sadly, we adults have been conditioned to think using abstract ideas instead of pictures, so it is hard—though still possible—to shake off that habit. Your children, on the other hand, have minds that absorb like sponges. This allows them to absorb knowledge voraciously, at the same time organizing their thoughts with ease. Their natural curiosity also opens their minds to new things!

What we’re saying is that childhood is the best time to learn Mind Mapping. After all, once the kids have developed their Mind Mapping skills through constant practice, they’ll be applying it for life!

With that in mind, we in AHEAD Junior are here to help! In fact, we are offering trial Mind Mapping online sessions, for FREE! 

This offer is merely scratching the surface!

We’re also happy to invite you to join our survey to find out how your child can further develop this skill to better address his/her needs to help them in the best way possible.

This summer vacation is the best time for your child to start learning Mind Mapping. There’s plenty of time to practice.
All you need to do now is CLICK THIS LINK to sign up, and we can start helping the kids find easier ways to remember what they have learned!

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