The mission

We envision being a fun and loving provider of supplementary educational services for students including those in the United States and Australia, to develop their love for learning and produce globally competitive learners.

the vision

We are committed to providing learners around the globe, especially in the United States and Australia, with high-quality and innovative programs that will change the way they perceive education and enable them to achieve their goals as we promote a fun, friendly, and loving learning environment.




Ms. Rossana Llenado is an outstanding alumna of the University of the Philippines, she has also pursued graduate studies at the Ateneo de Manila University and the Asian Institute of Management.

She is a recognized business leader and educator with over 23 years in educational service and currently runs five companies, one of which is focused in developing an international franchising network of tutorial and advancement center.

She is among the first Filipino business leaders to receive the Entrepreneur 10 Award and is among the 75 Most Admired Entrepreneurs in the Philippines.



Academic Tutorial

₱ 3999 per month

This program assists students in their academic activities which compels them to become successful in their learning.


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The teacher will focus on the subject  his/her students need assistance in, while still giving time for discussion. This ensures that our students  develop creativity, critical thinking, and open-mindedness through interactive learning.

Singapore Math

₱ 1999 per month

Having a solid foundation of basic math concepts is important to understand advanced ones. This is the perfect program for your child to develop his math skills.


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Emphasis is given  to problem solving strategies, skills development, attitude towards math, and metacognition.

Homeschool Support

₱ 4999 per month

Junior provides assistance to homeschooled students and their parents by helping to explain difficult  subjects such as mathematics or science.


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Ahead Junior believes that parents are the best mentors for their children, but most parents have limited knowledge and understanding to be able to effectively teach all the subjects to their children. Thus, Ahead Junior offers its assistance to homeschooling parents in finding solutions to such problems. 

Speed Reading and Mind Mapping

₱ 3999 (4 sessions)

Speed Reading and Mind Mapping Program are the first of its kind to let students have complete  mastery of the basic skills needed for further learning.


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It covers different techniques and subject areas that will push students to academic excellence. It includes advancement in Science through Speed  Reading and Mind Mapping. 

Level Up Program

₱ 1999 per month

Transform a complex subject into an understandable visual aid which makes enjoying while studying possible! Moreover, nurturing your child’s ability to read.


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Ahead Junior’s advancement programs are designed for students who wish to have complete mastery of the basic concepts and skills needed for further learning.

Ahead Junior gives your child all the right tools and life skills. Our homeschool support makes it easy for your child to enjoy learning. We’ll train them to read faster, retain information better, understand abstract facts and perform better in school – all that without the need for your child to spend all day studying.

Our approach gives your child the confidence to finish their lessons early, so that they can have time to play or relax.

With Ahead Junior, your child will master the skills so they can think independently – making them self-reliant early on. Your child won’t have to depend on you because they already have the life skills to think for themselves.


Ahead Junior has great tutors. they were able to help my child excel in his academics, without being too strict. Christian always rave about the awesome lessons he learned for the day.

-Mrs. Evelyn Williams

Ahead Junior is a great help for parents like us who struggle to juggle work and family. Now, I don’t have to worry about my children’s grades because I know they’ve got excellent tutors! Thank you Ahead Junior!

-Mrs. Jo Soriano

They helped my daughter a lot with her academics. I’m too busy with work and business that’s why I don’t have time to teach Amara. Good thing Ahead Junior helped us.

-Mrs. Wendel Karl Sy

Very professional teachers and hands-on staff. We appreciate the regular updates about our child’s performance. Will recommend to friends and family.

-Mr. Ray Millers

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