The new normal is keeping us at home for now, and we don’t know when things will return to the way they used to be. So, are you considering homeschooling for your children, at least while they can’t attend regular classes the traditional way?

On paper, homeschooling is attractive to most parents, since you have full control of your child’s education, enabling you to pass on your values to them. You can also tailor your curriculum to the needs of your kids, so they can freely learn at their own pace. In an ideal world, a lot of parents—including you—would be very open to homeschooling the kids.

But we do not live in an ideal world.

In the real world, not all parents are trained to teach. After all, parents have different skill sets, just like their kids. Since parents come from different schools and have different upbringing, they can only base their teaching skills on what type of training they’ve had when they were in school. Thus, they might not feel so confident (or patient enough) to teach their child and might need some assistance with homeschooling.

Don’t worry, AHEAD Junior’s here to help!

We offer online homeschool support programs which can assist you in subject areas you feel least confident in teaching such Math or Science. And the best part? They can teach your kids online!

Feeling more convinced? We have more to offer you!

To show you how we can support your homeschooled kids, we are happy to offer you three (3) one-hour sessions, spread out over three days, TOTALLY FREE!

These sessions will allow you to choose from either a combination Math and Science, or Science and English. 

Since we know that it is difficult to adapt to the new normal, we are offering your children this free trial to help keep their minds fit and ready for learning!

All you need to do is CLICK THIS LINK and see what you and your kids can get out of this program!

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