Math is a very practical subject because it teaches us how to budget our funds or find out if discounts are reasonable. It even protects us from bad loans! It’s practically the only thing in this world that’s truly objective. Because of Math’s complexities, most people don’t find it fun at all.

It’s because Math seems so abstract, which is precisely why it is so objective. If we adults find Math difficult due to its abstractions, how much more for the kids, who are still having a hard time dealing with things that aren’t concrete?

Don’t worry, SINGAPORE MATH is here to help rectify the situation! 

Singapore Math is different from the Math we know because it uses models to help learners visualize word problems. As a result, children have a higher chance in mastering Math, since they can visualize problems they need to solve, removing the abstract component of Math that makes it so difficult to understand in the first place.

However, even if Singapore Math can make the subject easier for kids, it can still get challenging for novices, which is why it’s best to start Singapore Math early.

At AHEAD Junior, we believe that starting your kids young is the best way to do it and today, dear parent, just might be your lucky because we have a special offer for you!

We’re excited to offer you a FREE Assessment to gauge your child’s current level in terms of Math skills and knowledge. After we assess your child’s skill level, you may avail of our FREE online Singapore Math trial which runs for three (3) days at 1 hour/session to experience how we train our students to whiz kids when it comes to numbers. 

Mom and dad, now is the best time for your kids to start their Singapore Math training, as there won’t be any academic classes for a while. With more time available because of the current situation, you couldn’t have chosen the best time to invest in your child’s future.
Interested? Access this LINK to sign up for any of our programs. Here’s to working together with you on your child’s learning journey!

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