In your kid’s eyes, the world’s probably gone topsy-turvy.

2020 has turned out to be an unusual year, with everything going on. Think about it. Not going to school or attending tutorials would seem like a good thing these days, since the kids now have time to rest! 

But what parent would want that for their kid?

No, if you’re like most parents, you might be anxious about how your kid’s been keeping up with their online schooling. With tutorial centers closed, how can you help your kid get the assistance they need?

Well, You Have Two Options

One is to tutor your kid yourself. This is great – until you realize that teaching children is not that simple. And that’s if you and your kid don’t end up driving each other crazy in the process. 

The second option can help save your kid’s studies – and won’t end in tears. Do you want to know what it is?

It’s called AHEAD Junior. 

No Center? No Problemo!

AJ is now Online!

Since your kids are already online anyway, why not put them to good use? Because they can’t go to the center, AHEAD Junior brings the center to your kids through the Internet. 

With AHEAD Junior, your kids will have full access to their tutorials, level-up programs (mind mapping and speed reading), Homeschool Support, Singapore Math, and even our online summer enrichment program – all without leaving the comfort and safety of home!

Learn From The Best!

AJ has amazing teachers!

If your kid has already experienced the AHEAD brand of service, you will know that our tutors are the best! They’re graduates and students from the country’s top schools, such as UP, Ateneo, and La Salle, but they all go through a rigorous selection process, and only those who  expertly combine knowledge and teaching skills make it to our roster. 

Best of all, they’re Millennials and Gen Z’ers, so you can bet they’ll be able to use AHEAD Junior’s online technology with ease and to the fullest when teaching your kid.  

Learning Beyond Boundaries

Being Online transcends borders

Even when they lift the ECQ, it’s unlikely that everything will be the same as before.

And why should they? Not all students live close to tutorial centers, and most kids have their tutorials during rush hour.

Yikes. Do you really want your little one to sit for two hours in the middle of EDSA or Katipunan on the way to their tutorial? Knowing your kid as well as you do, do you think they’ll still be fresh and eager to study after that? Of course not.

So, why put your precious child through this, when online tutorials can make it easier for everyone? All you need is a computer with a webcam and a stable internet connection, and you’re set! That way, your kid can arrive home from school and be well-rested before their AHEAD Junior tutorial. 

Better yet, your kid doesn’t have to be in Manila to benefit from AHEAD Junior. those outside Luzon, as well as children of Overseas Filipinos, can now experience AHEAD Junior’s convenience and effectiveness.

So, as long as you have an Internet connection, we’ll be able to bring our services to you!

Meet Old and New Friends Online With AHEAD Junior

Your kid must be so bored right now, and s/he probably misses his/her friends. Because AHEAD Junior’s online tutorials can accommodate several students simultaneously, kids can invite their friends to join them so they can all “meet up” and have fun learning. 

Who knows? They might even make some new friends in the process, eh?

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