Today’s world is so fast-paced that people forget to do even the most basic chores. One of these is forgotten chores is the simple act of fixing one’s bed in the morning. It’s such a simple task yet a lot of us, both young and old, seem to have difficulty finding time in our hectic schedules to do it. We forget maybe because it’s so simple and mundane that it falls out of our list of priorities when getting up in the morning, thinking we could just do it later anyways. 

But making your bed, no matter how mundane and simple it may be, is still a chore. And the accomplishment of this one little chore can build a sense of pride and achievement in all of us and fuel us towards the day’s other chores and activities. Because of this, here is a simple guide on how parents can teach their kids on how to fix their beds.

Make it a Habit

It may take a lot of effort not to be lazy, but do it nonetheless

This may sound like common sense, but kids won’t be inclined to fix their beds all the time. There are times when your child wakes up and you feel so groggy that they forget to do this simple chore. So the first step in teaching your kids this simple chore is to make it a habit so that even when you don’t tell it to them they’ll do it themselves. 

After all, Aristotle even said that happiness/eudaimonia is a habit. So, to be a good person, one must start with making the little things, like fixing the bed, a habit. After all, striving for virtue starts with the simplest things.

Fix Pillows First

Pillows go first

For people who move a lot while sleeping, one of the things that really gets out of place in your bed is your pillows. With all the twisting and  turning in our efforts to find that perfect spot to sleep on, our poor pillows are usually the ones who gets tossed aside or moved out of our beds. So, the first thing parents could teach their kids about fixing their beds is to return their pillows from their original spot in the bed. This allows kids to sort of personalize their own beds as they can decide where each pillow will go.

Fixing Their Sheets

Sheets go next

After this, the next step would be to teach them on how to fix their bed-sheets. Start by teaching them on how to flatten the sheets back to their original form. Then, teach them on how to realign the corners of the sheet to their respective corners. 

Folding Their Blankets

Blankets are the main event

The final step of the process is to teach your kids on how to properly fold their blankets. This should be pretty simple in itself, but some know that this is the most tedious and the one that takes the longest. Because of this, parents should teach their kids how to make a simple fold.

Why is Fixing the Bed Important?

So why all the fuss about making your bed? This is because fixing one’s bed provides a person with a sense of satisfaction and achievement to start the day. This small boost of confidence allows people to go through their day more confidently. Not only that, by teaching your children how to fix his bed, you also teach them on how to be more independent from you. In this day and age, it is important for people to be independent so they can thrive wherever they end up.

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