It’s February once again, which means that Valentine’s Day is upon us again! So, this means that February is Love Month, even though love is present all year round. However, love is much more than romance, since there are many kinds of love. However, the most important kind of love is the love shared by the family, since it’s the first kind of love a human being experiences. Also, the love one receives from the family will influence how much love one will share with friends, the community, and even that special someone. So, start them young, and try these ways of bonding with the family during love month!

Watch a Movie

A good way to bond is by watching a movie

Valentine’s day falls on a Friday, so it is the best time to bond with the family by watching a movie. Films are a good way to bond with the family because it is a venue for everyone to come together and enjoy a beloved flick. Even with Netflix and YouTube around, there is still a certain sort of charm present when we gather in a dark theater to watch a good film.

Eat in Your Favorite Restaurant

A meal in your favorite restaurant is a great bonding activity

Another thing you can do with the fambam is to eat in your favorite restaurant and order your favorite dishes. After all, the restaurant experience is more than just food, since even if we eat to survive, there is a communal aspect to eating, which explains why sacrificial meals are almost universal. So, to bond with the family, feel free to grab a bite to eat at any restaurant you choose, and enjoy each other’s company.

BONUS: Another way to bond is to go to a restaurant you have never experienced before, since it will take the kids on an adventure, and adventure is the best way to bond.

Go to the Arcade

Arcades are good for bonding

For younger parents, instead of going to the internet cafes, you can simply bring your children to the arcade. Arcades like Timezone are good for video game buffs since they have many classic games, like Time Crisis, yet they are not like Internet Cafes, for they don’t have gamers who trash-talk. It isn’t right to expose kids to Internet Cafe trash-talk due to its toxic influence. Also, there are many prizes good for kids. Also, you don’t need to go far, there is an arcade in almost every Shakey’s branch. You can bond through games there, and even enjoy a delectable pizza.

Sing Together Through a Karaoke Machine

Karaoke is a great way to bond, yet strengthen singing skills

If you are in a family reunion, then another great way to rekindle the family togetherness is to bond via karaoke. Choose your favorite songs, and engage in friendly competition over who in the fam is the best singer. However, make sure that you avoid drinking cold water afterward, to keep your voices from being hoarse. Feel free to pack some Pei Pa Koa as well!

NOTE: If you plan to do some open-air Karaoke, please don’t sing past 10 PM, to avoid the wrath of the neighbors. Also, please obey all local ordinances regulating nighttime karaoke, to avoid any problems with the local government.

Remember, Treasure the Moment

In the end, the best way to show love for the family, other than always being there for one another, is to bond together as much as you can. After all, there are 12 Love Months, and February is just the most famous one. So, put your gadgets away, find something to do, and spend Love Month together with the family!

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