Nowadays, there is a new coronavirus affecting Mainland China and many other countries. However, this virus is different from the virus that causes the common cold because it spreads like mad, and people have died, which is why people are so afraid of it. Luckily, the coronavirus has not yet hit the Philippines (hopefully it won’t), but it does not hurt to be protected, especially for the kids. Here is a simple guide for the kids to stay healthy and avoid illnesses.

Teach Them to Eat Plenty of Veggies and Fruits

Fruits and Vegetables can help keep us healthy

First, if you want to keep your kids healthy, dear parents, then it is highly advised that you feed them plenty of fruits and vegetables. This is because they have nutrients and vitamins which help our bodies fight diseases. Coronaviruses have no cure, but we recover from the common cold (which is caused by a coronavirus) because of the immune system. So, load yourselves, and your children, with plenty of fruits and vegetables to boost up your immune systems. Just don’t overdo it, for too much of nutrients can be dangerous too.

Be Careful When Buying Meat

Be wary when purchasing meat from the market

Meat is also a good option for meals, since it provides protein. However, when buying meat, especially in the market, check the quality. This means that if there is a foul smell or weird color, then you should not buy. Also, teach the kids how to identify rotten meat, which is pretty straightforward though. Remember though, try to stick with beef, pork, and chicken (at least for now), since the coronavirus became a thing due to Mainlanders eating strange meats.

Teach Them to Go Easy on the Antibiotics

Antibiotics don’t work on viruses

Remember, kids need to know that they can’t just pop in any pill for any illness, except for medications like paracetamol and antihistamines. Also, they must know that antibiotics are not a cure-all for every illness, for they only work on bacteria, not on the coronavirus. So, teach them to only take antibiotics on a doctor’s advice, to prevent bacteria from evolving antibiotic resistance, which could screw us all.

Teach Them Proper Handwashing

Washing hands helps prevent illness

Also, dear parents, it is crucial to remember to teach your kids that it is important to wash their hands after touching the doggies or kitties, dirt, their noses, or anything in contact with dirt. This is to keep germs away. After all, prevention is better than cure, especially for viral diseases which quickly resolve themselves, but can put us out of commission for a while.

Remind Them to Avoid Spreading Fake News

Fake news are dangerous to your health

Also, it is important to help the kids determine what is real news from the fake news. This is because spreading misinformation is dangerous to the health, for false info can lead to hysteria, which can cause disaster,especially in times like this, when we are uncertain if news reports on the coronavirus are true or not. So, teach the kids to only rely on memos from the Department of Health, at least with regards to the coronavirus. We don’t want to make life harder for the Department by scaring other people, OK?

Health is Wealth

In the end, it is important to remember that health is wealth, because we can only accomplish our obligations if we are healthy. Also, we cannot enjoy our hard work if we are not feeling well. So, dear parents, start the kids on the path to good health when young, and please, don’t cause panic, especially with regards to infections like the new coronavirus.

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