Christmas time is upon us again, so it’s the season for food, bonding with the family, and singing Christmas songs. You heard it right, Christmas is time for us to hear caroling favorites once again. So, to pump up the good vibes for this Christmas season, here are some memorable caroling stories for the whole family to enjoy. After all, Christmas, especially in the Philippines, is a time for family.

It’s Okay to Make Mistakes

No one is immune from making mistakes, even seasoned carolers

Probably the most memorable for me would be our pianist playing Silent Night in the wrong key in one house, thus causing us to sound like we were dying because it was set too high. Hahahaha!

Veteran Tenor

No choir is perfect, so if you are a pianist who messes up the key, it’s all right, since mistakes can be made in any situation. Just make sure the show goes on, OK?

Christmas is Forever a Season of Love

To enjoy the holidays, all you need is love

The very first night of caroling! I think the first house then was that of the ACIL members from the 80s? Tas they were just so fun and happy!! it made me think of how wonderful it was to be a part of an org that kept people close several years after graduation.


Dear parents, it is important to remind the kids that Christmas is a season of love, since love is what brings us all together, like these alumni from the 1980s.

Just Enjoy the Moment

Don’t get too pressured, just relax and enjoy the show

Pumiyok ako sa sobrang kaba sa bahay nila Vic Lim hahahaha


Remember, don’t let the clout of your hosts pressure you, just keep calm, relax, and enjoy the show. Also, it is important to understand carolers and their context.

It’s Always Good to Chill

It is always good to chill after a night of caroling

Karaoke on the Bus after all the singing in the houses.


After singing in multiple homes, it is always nice to sing old classics on the way home.

Nostalgia Hits

Christmas songs really bring nostalgia to adults

One of the people listening to us cried because she remembered her days of caroling.


For the not-so-young, caroling can bring back good memories, so you, dear parents, can easily be hit by the nostalgia right in the heart.

Christmas is a Time for Generations to Come Together

Christmas is indeed a time when we can all come together as one

Since we didn’t have a soprano, the alumni sang along so yeah parang na feel na talagang ACIL family through different generations


Even though a family is separated by time and space, during Christmas, everyone comes together as one to remember the good times.

The Holidays are a Time for Family, Biological or Not

Christmas is centered on family, which is more than the clan

Most memorable siguro was singing to father Jett and a big crowd [and]
meeting a guy who was ACIL back in 1964


Remember, the holidays are indeed a time for family, and family is more than just the clan, since friends and fellow org members can be part of the family. Also, org alumni remain part of the family the org has built.

Christmas is More Than Just the Gifts

In the end, these caroling stories show us that Christmas is more than just the presents and the parties. This is because the true meaning of Christmas is the Love which is shared among people. So, Christmas, despite originating with Christians, is a feast for everyone to share. Remember, dear parents, that the most important lesson you can share with your children is Love.

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