Studying is much more than just simply doing homework or exercises, dear parents, for it is a habit that kids must develop as soon as possible to help them through school. In fact, good study habits can really help your kids excel, not just in basic education and college, but even in graduate school! So, to help them develop the skills they need to excel in school, here are some effective study habits you can teach your kids.

Speed Reading

Read fast, but comprehend well, just like how racecars can drive fast, yet still turn

Speed Reading is a very important skill kids need to develop, since when they reach senior high or college, they will be tasked to read long texts in a short time. What they can do to read faster, yet retain proper comprehensions, is to avoid vocalizing while reading, use their finger or a pen as a guide, and keep their eyes on the paragraph. With these techniques, they will be able to read quickly and gain a good understanding of the text at the same time!

Smart Reading

Longer works like this require smart reading

However, for longer works, speed reading is not enough, since students may be overwhelmed by the sheer length of the text. So, to get around this, I would recommend that they read the introduction, skim the body, and scan the conclusion. This reading technique is helpful because it allows readers to get the main gist of the text, for authors of scholarly works would place their main argument in the start of the text, and some of them are kind enough to provide chapter summaries. So, read smart, by focusing on the main ideas of the author.

Make It a Habit to Do One Part of a Long Project Daily

Doing a bit of work daily will allow you to be as relaxed as this guy

When confronted with a long-term project, it is important that kids learn how to strategize, in order to avoid unnecessary stress. So, all they need to do is to learn how to do a little bit of the project everyday, to avoid getting overwhelmed. However, it is important that they start as soon as the project is given, so they have enough time. Also, they must start with the easiest part first. However, the one part a day is merely a minimum, for they should be able to do more if they can.

Treat Study Time as Sacred

Study Time is supposed to be sacred

At an early age, kids must learn that study time should be treated as sacred, which means that their set study time should never be disturbed by anything or anyone, as much as possible. This helps them develop the discipline, since they learn that it is their responsibility to study, and not something they do on a whim. In fact, when I was studying for my comprehensive exams, I would dedicate weekday mornings to read my readings in the Filipiniana section. This helped me balance all my responsibilities, since I was able to have a specific study time, which allowed me to structure my other activities as well.

Most Importantly, Have Fun

Studying is fun, for there are moments of enlightenment

In the end, the most important study habit the kids must develop is to have fun, since even though studying may seem tedious, there are moments where the kids can learn something new. These can be considered moments of enlightenment. So, even though studying is an expected part of the life of any student, the learning it brings is what makes it colorful and exciting in the long run!

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