When it comes to choosing schools for your children, you end up fretting over a lot of things. You fret about the culture, the money spent, and you also end up asking yourself a whole lot more questions. This often causes a lot of stress and gas money as you end up going to all sorts of places to see what school your child will best be in.

But, how do you choose the best school for your child? Here are some things to take into consideration and tips in helping you find the perfect school for your child.

Learn some basic Psychology

You don’t need to be a graduate in Psychology. You just need to do a little research. Schools always have a single theory as their school of thought or their skeleton as to how they teach their students. One school, for example, is Bricks, a school that emphasizes on Vygotskian Theory which is also known as Social Learning. This theory looks into how students best learn from a more learned individual and learn best through social interaction.

Another school that uses a Psychologist as their basis is Piagetian School. And it’s based on none other than Jean Piaget. Piaget believes that children develop in stages and have a strong structure. Their mission is to guide the children through the stages to complete each and every one of them.

Piagetian School

Check if your child is healthy

Some children are born with a weaker immune system than normal. Then, you have people out there who don’t believe in vaccinations. If your children have asthma or are prone to respiratory diseases, some parents opt for a school that is nearer to them. Why? In case your child gets sick, you have to make sure you can rush over to them so you can pick them up and rush them to the hospital.

Measure distance

Some schools may be good but are they worth the gas? Gasoline prices are climbing and they will not be dropping any time soon. Assume that the schools are good but you have to check also if you can financially afford the school. Some parents often believe that they can. But there are just things that you can teach your children outside the classroom.

Ask around.

Nothing better than word of mouth to help you find a good school for your children. Parents hear the stories straight out of their children and they can give you honest feedback. Like, homework weight – how is the homework? They can answer questions about the school like how are the children there. And for the ones who drive, how’s the traffic going there? Is there a shortcut to going there?

Parents will always be blunt about the school their children go to. Some parents even work as the batch representative so they can give you more information too!

Check the surrounding places.

Checking for landmarks serves two purposes when finding a school. One, when your child has a suspension of classes, they can go to another place to wait for you. Two, it also tells you about the culture of the people around. Are there malls in the area? That means it’s going to be traffic. What kinds of malls are around? Are these malls like Trinoma or SM? Or are these malls like Rockwell and Shangri-La? When you hear certain names, your mind already has a clear schematic as to what the crowd will be like. And third and most of all, if your child is half-day and you would rather wait nearby, there can be a mall or a coffee shop for you to rest in while waiting.

There’s so much to consider!

While these are the basic things to consider when choosing a school for your child, there are other things. Other things include which colleges have a higher affinity for, how are the teachers there, the friendliness of the parents and school staff, if there are parking spaces and all sorts of things! But at the end of the day, what matters is if your child will enjoy learning in that school or not. So feel free also to bring your child as you visit the schools!

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