In this day and age, people want to put up their own businesses for various reasons. Some people want to earn extra income, others want to provide services, and still others want to pursue their advocacies and dreams. For those who want to become entrepreneurs, but averse to risk, a franchise is an attractive option, especially for those who are in there for the advocacy. Here are some reasons why you should consider the idea of putting up your own Ahead Junior Franchise.

1. Franchising allows you to use an established name

McDo: A sample of a trusted brand

Starting a business carries with it some risk, since you will be placing a lot of capital into it, but you are not sure if the business will succeed. However, if you are franchising, then you will take a smaller risk. This is because you will be using an established brand (ex. McDonalds), which gives you some protection. In the case of Ahead Junior, purchasing franchise rights include the license to use the Ahead brand, which has been trusted for 24 years. Thus, you end up saving effort on making a name for yourself, since you will be investing on an established and trusted brand.

2. Expert Training from the Franchisor

You won’t have to be this stressed with your franchise.

As a franchisor, the Ahead Group of Companies invests a lot of resources on training its franchisees. This is to ensure that all the franchisees will be able to deliver 24 years worth of great services. Due to this, you can be assured that you will go into the trade knowing what you are getting yourself into. For Ahead Junior, you do not have to expend as much effort for employee training since as a franchisor, Ahead Junior will assist you in training your branch employees.

3. The Franchisor Provides All Materials

If you franchise, then you won’t need these

Unlike starting from scratch, where part of your capital goes into acquiring the materials you need, getting a franchise means that the franchisor, in this case Ahead Junior, will provide you with all you need. As a result, you will be able to use Ahead Junior’s tried and tested materials. All you will need to spend on, other than the usual franchise fees, are the logistical expenses and required government fees, as well as supplementary materials. since the franchisor will take care of your primary educational materials.

4. Ahead Junior Will Help with Marketing

Ahead Junior will help you with marketing

As a franchisee, you don’t really need to be a marketing expert, since Ahead Junior, as your franchisor, will help you with your marketing needs, since Ahead Junior, like all other Ahead brands, will include you in all their advertisements. Also, your franchise will be incorporated in their websites and social media accounts so all your traditional advertising needs will be taken care off. All you have to do, with regards to marketing, is work on the non-traditional advertising methods, such as word-of-mouth and referrals, which are ways that will get you closer to the people you serve.

5. You Get to Pursue an Advocacy

Education is a beautiful advocacy

Even though getting a franchise needs less risk and is way cheaper than starting a business from scratch, the best return you gain from an Ahead Junior Franchise is that you get to pursue an advocacy, which is education. Some people would engage in the free market by putting up their own enterprises since they want to turn their passions into a money-making venture. However, there is much more to business than simply making money, since you get to pursue an advocacy. If you are an education advocate, then I highly recommend you get an Ahead Junior Franchise, since you get to run your own business, but at the same time, you get to realize your passions.

Franchising: A Simple Yet Fulfilling Start

Great monuments like Borobudur began with a single brick

In the end, franchising is more than just a simpler way to start your own business, for it is acquiring rights to use an established name, and rolling with it, in order to pursue your own advocacies. For education advocates, getting an Ahead franchise, especially an Ahead Junior franchise, is a great way for you to break into the field, since you will be using an established name, and your franchisor will take good care of you. Due to this, all you need to do now is shell out the franchise fees, find a space, and let Ahead Junior, your trusty franchisor, take care of the rest!

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