Fluency is something that every child needs to develop. Speaking well in a loud and clear voice always helps build confidence early on. Given that, parents should help their children be fluent right off the bat. Because even though their children work on their speaking skills in school, it would always be best to help them even at home. Here are a couple of exercises that parents can try.

Read to Them

Children’s brains are like sponges when they are young. Thus, if we connect this with them learning how to pronounce a word, we can say that the more often children hear the proper way of saying words, the more they will get used to it. And the more they get used to hearing it, the more likely they will pick up how to properly say a word.

Ask Them to Read Aloud

When reading at home, ask your children to read the words aloud. This way, should they mispronounce or have difficulty in pronouncing a certain word; you can immediately step in and help them. In addition, let them also grab their favorite story books and let them take the words to heart.

Make Reading a Habit

When people are young, one of the most common rituals before going to sleep would be the bedtime story. And as they grow older, the need for this becomes lesser and lesser. However, make sure that the habit of reading books should not disappear. Reading not only entertains, but it also develops children’s vocabulary. The more words they learn, the more they can use them when they speak with other people.

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