School is over and it is finally time for the kids to have some well-deserved fun. While there are tons of basic activities that parents can plan out for the whole family, parents can also choose to prepare something that can both be exciting and educational for their kids— like sure-fired awesome activities where their kids won’t probably even feel like they are in the course of studying. Here are some of them.

Make Ice Cream Sandwiches
Time to beat the heat! Nothing excites kids more than ice cream on a hot summer day. And not to mention, ice cream sandwiches too, which are even better! Baking the cookies instead of just buying would be totally enjoyable for the kids and it would also help them develop their creativity at the same time. Who knew learning can be so tasty?

Shell Collecting
Summer would not be complete without a trip to the beach. So, bust out those swimwear and sunscreen and head to the beach to have some family fun in the sun. Have your kids start their own collections by letting them pick up shells and beautiful stones along the shoreline. Then, once you arrive home, it is noteworthy that you also let them gain knowledge about what they have collected. Remember, learning is a continuous process.

Visit a Museum
Going to a museum may not be as exciting as other activities, but technology has actually kicked it up a notch. There are now very interactive science museums for kids that seems more like theme parks than some old educational museums. Take your kids there and have yourself amazed at some of the attractions you will find.

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