As a child grows up, parents have a habit of using positive reinforcement to motivate kids. Truth be told, there nothing wrong with a good rewards system because it has been proven to motivate kids time and again. However, there is a downside. There is a possibility that down the road, kids will be purely motivated and dependent on the reward. That dependence is not a sure certainty of course but there are other ways to motivate children to do better in school. Here are some ideas.

Be a vocal proud parent

Being vocal about your admiration for your child is as good as positive reinforcement. The major difference would be the reward would purely appeal to their emotional side. Having your parents constantly behind you and urging you to do better work wonders. Remember their limits though because you do not want to be that parent who embarrasses his/her kid.

Make time for them

Spending time with kids always results in good vibes. Although as they get older, they would want to spend more time on their own, quality time makes kids feel wanted and feel a part of something. A good family dinner would always make them feel warm and fuzzy which is a great feeling before studying.

Set a good example

Kids, by default, look up to their parents. They view them as superheroes and try to emulate them. Always set a good example and remember that your kids look up to you. Be the hero they think you are.

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