There are many ways to be able to find your next favorite book. In fact, there are lots of bestseller lists as well as websites that you can check.

Physical Bookstores

First off, you can go to your local bookstore and check their bestseller lists. Good bookstores include Fully Booked, PowerBooks, and National Bookstore. They usually have a section in their store dedicated to these. Also, don’t hesitate to ask assistance from their employees so you could really find the book you’ve been wanted to read since then.


Here are just some of the hundreds of websites dedicated to literature and to finding a book that you’d like.


Goodreads is a favorite among booklovers. It allows you to make lists (read, currently reading, want to read, etc). Users can rate and review books and aside from that, finding books is easier in here, as they are already organized per category.


Amazon is a giant selling platform, mostly known for apparel and gadgets, but it also sells a lot of books. Seeing what’s on their bestseller list is a good way of seeing what’s fast moving and probably good.

The New York Times Bestsellers

Another favorite for book lovers, The New York Times Bestsellers has different categories—adults’ books by genre, young adults’ books, and children’s books.

The Children’s Book Review

As the name implies, this is a good site to look for books for children.

Friends and Family

Make finding your next favorite book fun! Ask your friends and family about their favorite books. Do book swaps or a “book meet” every so often. You can even form a book club and discuss your favorite books! There are many ways to find a book that you won’t want to put down. Just explore and have fun!

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