What’s in it for you?

AHEAD Junior will help you earn a steady income.

Education is a rapidly growing industry. The need for supplementary learning continues to intensify, because good education is every child’s ticket to future success—the dream of every parent for his child.

Reap rewards in more ways than one: Physical, mental, social, financial

  • Run a business that is less tiring and makes you more energetic by being around young people.
  • Broaden your horizons by exchanging ideas with bright, young minds and constantly interacting with teachers,parents, school administrators, and your fellow franchisees.
  • Invest in a business that comes with minimum risk, as you rely on the expertise of a franchisor with 24 years of experience in education and management.

You can save on time, money, and effort on success!

Save on developing systems and procedures

  • Exclusive training for the center owner and/or manager
  • We are ISO-ready.

Save on producing learning materials

You can use AHEAD Junior’s excellent educational and business materials such as:

  • Tutorial diagnostic tests
  • Tutorial modules
  • Singapore Math diagnostic tests
  • Singapore Math practice tests
  • Singapore Math achievement tests
  • Singapore Math books
  • Orientation modules
  • PowerPoint presentations for parents and students
  • Teachers’ guides
  • Supplementary materials and other company merchandise

Save on hiring and training teachers and staff

Year-round training for all:

  • Teaching styles,methods, principles
  • Management system
  • Customer service
  • Singapore Math, English, Mind Mapping, and Speed Reading

Save on establishing a brand

Operate an AHEAD Junior Center to use and leverage AHEAD Junior’s name, systems, brand logo, trademark, and marketing materials to help grow your business.

  • Brochures and flyers Signage and tarpaulin
  • Calling cards and ID banner designs
  • Posters
  • Signage and tarpaulin banner designs

Your AHEAD Junior Center will be included in AHEAD Junior’s marketing efforts

  • AHEAD Junior’s official website and other social networking sites
  • Advertising campaigns—billboard ads, print ads, press releases, others