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Terms and Conditions for Online Services

 Conditions below are in addition to and only applicable to the online version of the program.

REGISTRATION: Upon full payment of the tutorial fee, the student is required to fill up registration forms. AHEAD Junior may utilize the data provided by the reviewee to disseminate any information it may deem relevant to the service that the student has availed of such as announcements and updates.

VENUE: The class will be conducted online with the student required to prepare the following:

  • A laptop or desktop (w/webcam) with the following minimum specifications: Intel Core i3 and 4GB DDR4 Memory
  •  Internet connection with a speed of at least 2 Mbps
  • A study table with a power outlet in proximity
  • A pair of headphones (USB).

COPYRIGHT: All materials not provided by the tutee including the video and/or livestream, are properties of AHEAD Junior. NO part of these materials, printed or otherwise may be used and/or reproduced in any form without the expressed and written consent of AHEAD Junior.

USE OF VIDEO LIVESTREAM: The video livestream of the online class is meant for the usage solely of enrolled AHEAD Junior students. AHEAD Junior students are prohibited from inviting non-enrollees to attend/observe the online tutorial (except for their parents). Also, they are  prohibited from downloading and/or sharing the video and from sharing their online accounts to others for purposes of accessing the video.

Violators will receive the following sanctions:

  1. Pay a fine of One Million Pesos (Php1,000,000).
  2. Publish a full-page public apology in major broadsheets for four (4) consecutive Sundays.


  1. Before the first online session, the program is transferable.
  2. Upon the commencement of the first session, all fees paid are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE.

SELECTION OF TUTOR:  AHEAD Junior shall select the tutor/s who will render the tutorial services to the student.  Should the student desire to have another tutor for any reason, AHEAD Junior must be informed immediately. In the event that the tutor will not be able to complete the required tutorial services for any reason whatsoever, AHEAD Junior shall look for an appropriate replacement within a reasonable period.

STUDENT PERFORMANCE IN ACTUAL EXAMS/SCHOOL WORK: AHEAD Junior stands by the quality of its services. In no way, however, should this commitment to excellence and full customer satisfaction be construed as a guarantee to the student passing the examination he/she reviewed for, nor is it a guarantee of getting higher marks in school.  The student is still expected to exert the necessary efforts and take the appropriate responsibility in achieving academic goals.

STUDENT OBLIGATIONS: The student is expected to be prompt and conscientious in logging in punctually for online sessions and to do the required work.  The student is likewise expected to pay attention and participate in the online classroom.

STUDENT BEHAVIOR AND DISCIPLINE: AHEAD Junior shall expel cancel provision of service to any student who exhibits disruptive behavior. Harassment, logging in under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and disregard for instructions are examples of conduct that will lead to cancellation of service. 

CONFIDENTIAL MATTERS:  For the student’s protection, AHEAD Junior does not allow its tutors to divulge, during or after this contract, any information concerning any of AHEAD Junior’s Clients. AHEAD Junior asks the same from its students. Likewise, we request CLIENT not to discuss any and all terms of this contract, with anyone especially our tutors.

PROHIBITION ON RECRUITMENT OF TUTORS: Recruitment of AHEAD Junior Tutors by the Client and/or the student for personal services or employment in other organizations is prohibited.

ALL CONCERNS MUST BE DIRECTED TO THE OFFICE. Changes in schedule, frequency, and length of the tutorial services must be arranged through AHEAD Junior’s branches/offices.

SEEKING OR ACCEPTING ANY TUTORIAL SERVICE DIRECTLY from any AHEAD Junior’s tutors is deemed offensive and is not allowed even after the terms of the contract have expired.

AHEAD AIMS TO PLEASE ITS CLIENTS. Complaints, questions, or suggestions are most welcome and must be directed to the manager as soon as possible.

IF A STUDENT IS ABSENT FROM A TUTORIAL SESSION, he/she can make up for the lost time upon the approval and arrangement with the manager. Cancellation of the tutorial session should be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled session, otherwise, no makeup will be given.

IF A STUDENT COMES LATE FOR THE TUTORIAL, the original schedule for the tutorial session shall be followed (e.g. if the schedule is from 1-2 pm & the student is late for 15 minutes, original schedule which is 1-2 pm shall be logged).

ALL TUTORIAL PROGRAMS ARE CONSUMABLE WITHIN THE SCOPE OF THE PROGRAM. Programs are consumable within a period of 30 days. Unused hours after the period agreed upon by the Client and AHEAD will be forfeited.

TERMS OF PAYMENT:  Payment may be made via any Unionbank branch nationwide or through online bank transfer. Please email junior@ahead.edu.ph for the Unionbank account number and name. The Client must keep the deposit slip or preserve a screenshot of the online transaction as it will serve as his/her temporary receipt.

As proof of business transactions,  the deposit slip/screenshot must be sent via email to junior@ahead.edu.ph

Effectivity: This Terms and Conditions becomes legally binding and final on the commencement of your tutorial program. Parents and students acknowledge that they enter into it with their own free will and it is not reversible. This contract shall be governed by the laws of the Philippines.