A lot of people don’t like math, save for the ones who are good at it. But there is one thing we can all agree on: we don’t like sitting down and doing homework.


Because it can be soooooo boring!

See? Even Bart Simpson agrees!

But you’re wondering: if it’s so boring, why haven’t schools caught on better ways to teach kids? Finland already figured that portion out. They took away the homework and standardized test aspect of school life. Instead, they taught children differently: through application and outside.

So, how can you do that when the school system isn’t going to do it? Here are some ways for children to learn Math the fun way:

Teaching them how to buy their desserts!

Wait, what? Teaching them how to buy their ice cream? How??

Yes! It can be as simple as going to McDonald’s to buy a Vanilla Sundae Cone or a Hot Fudge Sundae! Count the money with them so that they can see how Math applies. Check if they also understood what they counted and ask them if they have enough for the ice cream. Or for more advanced functions, purposely give them a big bill that will give them change. Ask them to calculate how much change they should get from the cashier before they go up to buy it.

Not only will it give them a sense of achievement that they bought themselves ice cream. BUT, it will also teach them how to count their money and handle their own money in the future! They can also practice their social skills such as speaking to the cashier, making special requests such as adding more chocolate, or other things.

Cooking or Baking!

Time to whip out your old cookbook or your grandmother’s cookbook! Any parent can do this. Dad or mom, cooking or baking is the perfect way to bond with your kids over the most delectable thing: food.

So, where does the math apply? Ask them to count how many apples do you need for the recipe? How long should the cake be in the oven? How many 1/2 cups are there in 1 cup? Questions like that get their little math gears running. The best part is? You both to get to enjoy your creation after! Having something concrete result from hard work gives your child confidence that they can do something well.

It would be best if you start teaching your child cooking though. Baking requires more precision and accuracy such as the cups of flour being completely leveled to one cup. At least with cooking, if something goes wrong, you can still fix it.

Setting the table

Something as easy and as mundane as setting the table can teach them Math. It does not only teach Math but it also promotes a sense of independence and boosts their self-esteem. Ask them questions like, “How many people are eating with us today?” Or, “If we have four people in the house eating, how many sets of spoons and forks will we need?”

Setting the Table - A Fun Way to Teach Your Child Math

They’ll be made to count and most of all, it’s something concrete that they can see. They not only learn how to help around the house but also learn Math while they’re at it! After that, you can go with the more advanced things such as asking for their help to set up the table for guests or observing how many glasses are needed for visitors.

There’s still so much more!

There are other ways to teach your children Math. Some parents teach their children by counting the number of beads in a rosary for the more Religious. Others teach them by counting how many pages they need to read in a book. Some parents even teach their children by making them count how many blocks do they need to make a certain structure!

How about you? What are the fun ways you teach your kids Math?

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