When a child goes off to school, he enters an entirely different world. In school, he will start making choices, building relationships, and forging his own path. But no matter what happens, he will always be your child. He will always appreciate your guidance, though he may not want to admit it, and he will always be heartened by your support, especially during critical moments. When should you sit down with your child for a heart-to-heart talk? Here are four signs to look out for.

  1. He is on the cusp of a milestone moment. Childhood has its high and low points, and a child on the cusp of a milestone moment needs the unconditional support of his parents. There are many of these moments: his first children’s party without you by his side; his first camping trip; his first role in the village play, even though he’s not the lead. During these times, you need to be his biggest cheerleader!
  2. He starts getting failing grades. At one point or another, every child will experience some difficulty in school. But a diligent student who suddenly starts getting failing grades is cause for alarm. In such cases, the problem may not be entirely based on academics. Talk to your child in a calm manner at the soonest possible time. Figure out the root of the problem together, and find ways to work through it.
  3. He doesn’t want to go to school. A child’s reluctance to go to school is cause for concern. Learn to spot the difference between lazy spells and real reluctance. His refusal to go to school may stem from a number of issues, bullying included. Act swiftly before things take a turn for the worse.
  4. He’s just a great kid all around. Okay, you might say, why do I need to give my child more support when he’s already so good? Two words: positive reinforcement. When your child is doing exceptionally well in all aspects of his life, give him the proper recognition. A child will always be happy to know that his parents recognize all his efforts, especially the good ones!