In this day and age, using tablets has become an option to babysit the kids. However, just like with any technological innovation, there are many boons and banes to it. Also, all parents want what is best for their kids, so the question burning in many parents’ minds is, “Do I even let my kids use tablets?” The answer for this is, “It depends.” So, here are ways in which, you, dear parents, can guide the kids in using tablets responsibly.

Don’t Allow Infants and Toddlers to Use Tablets

Infancy and the toddler years are a time for social interaction

For parents with infants and toddlers, perhaps it is not a good idea to let the young ones near tablets yet. This is because infancy and toddler-hood are times when children are still developing their social skills and picking up language. So, do them a favor and not allow them to touch your tablets and smartphones, since these are likely to arrest their social development. However, you can allow toddlers to use laptops or desktops because they need to be exposed to technology. Desktops and laptops are fine for toddlers because they don’t have them all the time, thus allowing time to develop social skills, which are still crucial to function in today’s world, especially in countries like ours, where personal relationships can make or break one’s future.

For Preschoolers, Supervise Their Tablet Usage

Once the necessary social skills are developed, it’s time to introduce them to tablets

When your kids are preschoolers, then it is the right time to introduce them to tablets. This is because they are now more familiar with social interactions, some to the extent that interactions have become instinctive. However, they still cannot be allowed to use tablets unsupervised, since habits have yet to be fully formed. Also, you don’t want your kids looking at stuff you wouldn’t be seeing, would you?

So, to allow them to develop responsible habits regarding technology, please, and I mean please, supervise their gadget usage, to prevent any problems. OK?

Set Limits

Set the appropriate limits, to prevent addiction

Also, even if your kids are older, please do set limits, since overuse of tablets, which is very likely due to their portability, can cause negative effects to your kids’ eyesight, and even ruin their sleeping patterns. So, what I would suggest is that you limit their tablet usage to a certain amount of hours per day, and none at night. This is to make sure that the kids get enough sleep when they are young, and they still can. When they are teenagers, schoolwork will prevent them from getting enough sleep, so save the prolonged gadget usage for this time in their lives, when they really need it.

Control Your Own Tablet Usage

Before you can protect the kids from addiction, you must protect yourself first

However, the most important way you can guide the kids with regards to tablet usage is to regulate your own usage. Kids learn by example, so please put your money where your mouth is and lead the way. Also, you cannot protect the kids from gadget addiction, especially with tablets, if you are addicted. So, take breaks, and ensure that your tablet usage does not affect your sleeping patterns or other activities.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

In the end, it is important to remember that preventing addiction, especially to gadgets like tablets, is better than curing it via rehab. Also, kids need to learn self-control with regards to tablets and gadgets, so start early, for it is harder, but still possible to teach old dogs new tricks. So, start them on the road to responsible tablet usage when young, and avoid any issues caused by addiction. The kids can thank you when they are older.

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