In Filipino culture, there are many traits that are admirable, like respect for elders, love for family, utang na loob, diskarte (ingenuity) and always thinking about the welfare of others. However, we all know that too much of a good thing is bad, and this goes for culture as well. This is because most toxic Filipino traits are simply good values with the volume cranked up, while others are just plain wrong. Here are some toxic Filipino traits that you, dear parents, should teach the kids to avoid.

Going Around the Rules

Disobeying traffic rules is a terrible way of getting to where you need to be

It is good to find ways around sticky situations, but if it involves going around the rules, please don’t. Rules are there to keep everything orderly and fair, so please do your best to obey them, to show the kids a good example. This means that you should try your best to obey traffic rules, cross only in pedestrian lanes, and obey the law to the best of your ability. Kids learn by example, so you should set that good example by obeying the rules.


Try not to discuss the private lives of others without a good reason to do so

Another trait that is problematic among Filipinos is the love for gossip/tsismis. Sure it may be entertaining to talk about the private lives of celebrities, or even the neighbors, in your local sari-sari store, but the time you spend gossiping with the neighbors could have been used more productively. Also, you don’t know the whole story, so repeating it might twist the details and turn a true story into a sensational lie. However, you may still talk about others’ private lives, but make sure it is done to educate, not to idle time away.

Seniority Does Not Always Make You Right

Just because you are older, does not mean you are right

It is a given that being older leads to being wiser, due to more experience, but it is not automatic. This is because we should remember that the elders are human too, so they are bound to make mistakes from time to time. So, dear parents, if you make a mistake, and your kids call you out for it, don’t get angry, since we are finite. However, we must all remember that we should learn from our mistakes, and there is a proper forum for telling the elders about their mistakes. So, please, if the situation calls for it, feel free to remind the elders of their mistakes, but do so with respect, and the intention to educate.

Filipino Time

Being Late is NOT a virtue

Another toxic trait Filipinos must avoid is being late, since it disregards the efforts others make to be on time. So, if you agree to meet someone at 1 PM, be there before 1 PM, to show you take that person’s time seriously. Being late is not only a sign of disrespect, but it can cause undue delays, which are wrong.

Bahala Na

Batman is not responsible for how we live our lives

Sure Bahala Na is a sign of faith in a higher power, which is a good thing, but if it is used to evade your responsibilities, which some Filipinos tend to do, it is already toxic. Please, don’t leave everything to Batman, since he is busy fighting crime in Gotham, and do everything you can to succeed, for the Almighty can only work His miracles through us.

Be the Best Filipinos We Can Be

In the end, it is important to remember that as a Filipino people, we may have many positive cultural traits, but at the same time, some parts of our culture can be toxic. What we can do is hone the positive traits, and correct the negative, so we can be the best Pinoys we can be.

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