Things are no longer that simple with regards to motivating kids of today’s generation. At present, most kids, if not all, are so complex compared to previous generations. Sometimes, giving a candy to a toddler is now seemingly outdated. Though we can say that the basics are still the same, the methods to motivate them have changed. So, having said that, here are some ways to keep kids on their toes and give their 100% in whatever they do.

Let Them Experience New Things

These days, kids learn and absorb things at an exponential rate due to easy access of information on the Internet. So, instead of giving new toys to these kids, why not let them experience more of the things they have been Googling about, such as going out to try new food, or play laser tag? You may also accompany them to an interactive museum, or perhaps take them on a vacation. Surely, they would have a blast.

Give Them Their Technology

Technology knows no age. Tablets and smartphones are now available for children of all ages and, sometimes, instead of thinking that these gadgets are not yet appropriate for young ages, just turn them into a bonding experience. For example, parents may play with their children while teaching and motivating them—as simple as that. But of course, as parents, you still have to monitor everything but at the same time, embrace the advancements.

Ask Them What They Want

Most kids, nowadays, are smart enough to know what they want. In fact, they can surprise you and make you wonder how they thought of that particular thing. However, once in a while, parents should still ask them to get a general idea of what they can give to motivate them.

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