Students usually make a number of mistakes when giving presentations. Sometimes, they are just plainly reading and relying to their cluttered—and sometimes unreadable—presentation slides. What’s more is that though these too wordy slides can be easily rectified by having someone else check it, there are still a couple of mistakes that students should avoid when presenting. Here are some of them.

Do Not Read from the Slides

Reading from the slides is something teachers always discourage. Instead, they want their students to really absorb what they are presenting and explain it in their own words. As it should be, PowerPoint presentation slides serve as a visual guide. If they were used properly, then they can be a perfect way to provide data for backing up claims and viewpoints; slides do not just serve as giant index cards.

Do Not Keep Saying “Uhm”

Whenever students get stuck, they most likely fill the awkward silence with “uhm.” Although the word “like” comes in at a very close second place, “uhm” is still the number one culprit. This just makes student seem unsure, causing them to panic even more. As well, this may also make the presentation per se very informal. So, for students, simply take a deep breath, collect your thoughts and continue. A few seconds of silence is OK as long as you soldier on.

Do Not Fidget

Generally, fidgeting is a sign of nervousness. Relax and just be confident. Unless you were not the one who did the PowerPoint slides, you should already know what the whole presentation is about. Say what you want to say, speak in a loud and clear manner, and only use appropriate gestures when needed. Also, do not be stiff. Rather, be natural.

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