Parents have the option of deciding what is best for their children. They’ll always want to give the most that they could especially when it comes to their children’s basic needs. One of these is education. While most parents often opt to send their children in school where they can learn with their peers in a classroom, some see that their children’s education can be better received in the comfort of their home. To further improve on the children’s learning experience at home, we have here a list of online resources to help with their homeschooling.

  1. A to Z Home’s Cool

This Homeschool website which was established in 1997 is a free platform that caters to children from kindergarten up to Highschool. It offers a curriculum for each level and a vast of subjects to cover besides the general ones like drivers education, general interest and the like. Their educational materials come free and some are low-cost and would not hurt your pockets for your child’s education.


2. Game Classroom

Some people say that online games are bad for a child’s development. Game Classroom is an obvious exception. It has compiled educational games available online into one website, checked and monitored by educators with a combined 200 years worth of teaching experience. This online game website caters to children from Kindergarten to Grade 6. While Game Classroom mostly offers a lot of online games, they also have lesson plans and videos allowing your child to have fun while learning.

3. Click Schooling
Not sure how to pace and what topics to cover for your child? Many parents whose children are homeschooling face the same problem. But don’t worry because Click Schooling is your savior. By signing up, you will receive daily recommendations of web-based curriculum ideas around a particular subject via email.

4. Khan Academy
Khan Academy is a free learning website that lets students learn via lecture,  instructional and interactive videos for learners from kindergarten to Highschool. They also cover non-general subjects such as economics, computing, arts and humanities and much more. Furthermore, Khan Academy not only offers videos for learning but also test preparatory materials for SAT, GMAT and different colleges.

5. Reading Eggs
Is your child having a hard time with reading? You’re not alone. Many children who have just started schooling start at a very slow pace of reading as perhaps a result of problems recognizing letters and match each letter to its corresponding sound. With the help of the Reading Eggs website, children will be able to acquire the needed skills in reading and at the same time, have fun while doing so. You may need to pay a minimum fee to acquire the site’s services but they offer a free 2 week trial to help you determine if their methods are helpful for your child.

6. PBS Learning Media
PBS Learning Media is a timely and relevant website that teaches general subjects through the happenings of today. You are free to browse through their website by standards, grade level, medium, topic and their special collections. For such a large database of information coming from different, well-known educational media producers, PBS Learning Media is proud to say that their materials are f-r-e-e.

Homeschooling has never been so easy and accessible for parents, teacher and students. With the help of these online resources, your child’s education will be fruitful, fulfilling and fun!


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