1. What are the fees should I pay to become a franchisee?

2. What is the cost of opening a new branch?

The cost of opening a new store may vary based on several factors but the estimated cost of opening a 50sqm. store is PHP 1.2M to PHP 1.5M, including the franchise fee.

3. Will AHEAD Junior provide the architectural plans and equipment list? Can I use equipment that I already own or used equipment?

AHEAD Junior will provide the franchisee with the branch layout and design guidelines and furniture designs. Used equipment that are within acceptable standards may be permitted (aircon, computer). Other design concepts coming from the franchisee may be considered upon presentation to and approval from AHEAD Junior.

4. Who will provide the manpower to operate the AHEAD Junior branch?

AHEAD Junior will assist the franchisee in the recruitment and training of its management team for the first time.

5. Will AHEAD Junior office provide the location?

The franchisee may choose to provide, secure, and analyze their own location following the site parameter provided by AHEAD Junior Head Office.

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